Private Event Planning 

Most of what we do regularly is event planning.

That is, with a particular, creep-tacular je ne sais quoi. 

Do you want to surprise a special someone with a private murder mystery party?

Thinking of having your wedding anniversary at a haunted mansion??

Maybe you want to summon Aunt Sally and ask her where your inheritance is???


 We can help with that!

(But if Aunt Sally isn't up to chat, don't blame us -- you should've called her during the holidays)

We can make your experience as immersive as you'd like - in fact, these are our favorite kinds of events to plan!

From a simple, classy event to a more over-the-top affair, Cleveland Area Paranormal Society is well-versed in providing our customers with exactly what they are looking for. 

Please contact us via email for pricing and availability.